Mademoiselle Pivoine is our Ouessant sheep.  Her closest friend was at one time a horse named AMOUR (see my book A Horse Named Love). She has been my model for paintings, and my joyful friend, so I have decided to make her the symbol of our life here in this beautiful, secluded and peaceful place.  Soon I hope to write a book with her as the main character.

Ouessant sheep are very intelligent, full of personality, and as ecological lawnmowers they are the best.  There is never a thought that they be used for human consumption.  Heaven forbid!!

Our good friend and favorite photographer, Caleb Plowman, arrived at Christmas bearing gifts of aprons, canvas shopping bag and dishtowels with the logo Mademoiselle Pivoine that he had designed.  Everyone loved them and I decided to make up a small quantity by hand stencilling.

And…..that’s how it all started.

My daughter Ashlyn arrived and offered to teach me how to set up a website to offer my paintings, books, calendars, and dogwear.

And here we are.

In the midst of so much world turmoil, I would love to share special loving moments with anyone interested so I hope to use the blog for some writing as well.


3 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Edward Jordan said:

    Hi Suzanne……very nice website, Ashlyn did a great job!

  2. Love this website Suzanne. I looks like you could continue using it however you want. And I do love Mademoiselle Pivoine

  3. Hello. You were wondering where your Portland Oregon friend might find information on next year’s Flock and Fiber Festival. Here is the website, which already has next year’s dates posted.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work,
    Erin O’Neill


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